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Ill-health, disability and death are things we don’t like to think about. But when it comes to protecting your home, your family and yourself, have you thought about how you would cope if the worst happened?

We can help you to better understand your needs and the products that are available that would suit your circumstances, whether you are looking:

  • to provide a lump sum or an income for your dependants if you die
  • to receive a lump sum if you were to suffer a serious illness
  • to receive an income if you are unable to work due to illness or injury
  • for peace of mind when it comes to medical care

View more details of our charges for financial protection for individuals.

Life insurance

Life insurance can provide a lump sum or an income in the event of your death. This can help ensure, for example, that your dependants can continue living in the family home and can provide some financial peace of mind to them when facing the future.

Life insurance can be provided to meet a specific need and to provide cover for a set period of time or to a set age, for example to pay off the outstanding balance on a mortgage or to meet the cost of child care or education until your children become financially independent (known as ‘term assurance’). Or it can be used to provide a lump sum on your death, at whatever age this occurs (known as ‘whole of life assurance’), which can be used, for example, to provide your family with a lump sum to take care of funeral expenses or perhaps an expected inheritance tax bill.

Critical illness cover

For most people, it is far more likely that they will suffer from a critical illness, such as heart disease or cancer, than die before they reach retirement. This makes it important to consider how you could protect yourself if you were to develop a critical illness before you reached retirement.

Comprehensive critical illness insurance covers all kinds of illnesses, many of which it is possible to make a good recovery from. If you suffer from an illness that is covered by the insurance that you take out, you can be secure in the knowledge that you will get a lump sum to help you and your family deal with the situation with some financial security.

Income protection

Life has a habit of throwing unexpected challenges our way. Income protection insurance can help to provide financial protection to you and your family in the event you are unable to work due to long term illness or injury.

After an initial waiting period, income protection insurance can provide you with an income of, typically, around half your regular salary.

In addition to payments from the income protection policy, you may also be entitled to State benefits, which could affect the amount you would receive from the policy.

We can help you to find an income protection policy that will provide you with the financial security that you and your family needs.

Private medical insurance

In many ways we are very fortunate in the UK to have the NHS, providing immediate care if we suffer from a life threatening illness or accident. But when it comes to less urgent conditions, there are often very long waiting lists before you can receive treatment on the NHS.

Private medical insurance is designed to enable you to select the time for treatment, without the long waiting lists. There is a wide range of cover available, from the basic schemes which may cover a limited number of conditions, to more comprehensive arrangements which can cover a much wider range of conditions and provide you with a wide choice of locations at which to receive treatment.

Private medical insurance can be arranged for just you, or could be arranged to cover your whole family.

Other insurance

We can also help you find a competitive deals for the following insurance products:

  • Buildings and/or contents
  • Mortgage payment protection
  • Accident, sickness and unemployment