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Workplace education

The biggest problem many companies face when they are implementing an employee benefits programme is a lack of understanding of what is being offered.

There is little point in creating a competitive package of benefits if your employees don’t understand it, because if they don’t understand then they won’t value it, and that is an inefficient use of your businesses’ resources.

Having a clear and targeted communication programme in place will help improve employee outcomes, in that it will help your staff to understand what is on offer and the decisions they need to make, and also help them appreciate and place greater value on the benefits you are providing them.

Presentations, workshops and surgeries

Depending what benefits you are offering, and how you want to target your communications, you could consider a variety of approaches:

Group presentations

Individuals can attend a presentation to learn what’s on offer and the decisions open to them.


Typically used where employee feedback and engagement is being sought. These can be structured to get employees involved, for example pre-retirement workshops might be offered to staff in the approach to retirement, covering aspects such as annuities, debt, and the importance of wills, estate planning and healthy living in retirement.


An opportunity for individuals to ask questions on a one to one basis.

Many companies use a variety of approaches; perhaps presentations to new joiners about the benefits on offer, followed by the opportunity for one to one sessions for those who have questions they may not want to raise in front of the group.

We know that for many people, the benefits on offer and options open to them will be difficult to understand, which is why we use plain English at all times and avoid the use of financial jargon. These are designed as educational sessions, so it’s vital that everyone gets as much as they can out of these sessions.

We can work with you to create a bespoke programme of communications suitable for your workforce and the aims you have with your benefits package.