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Employee financial planning

With the many decisions required by employees in relation to the benefits offered to them, employers can add value by providing access to professional advice.

Financial planning

Whether you have recently introduced a new range of employee benefits or are considering introducing a regular (e.g. annual) payment for employees to use towards financial advice, we can provide either guidance or advice to your employees on the benefits you make available to them.

Depending on your requirements, we can either carry out a series of individual guidance or advice sessions at pre-determined times, or we can be available as your financial planner of choice for employees, who do not already have their own adviser in place, to contact if they require guidance or advice.

These sessions can be carried out in the workplace or over the phone.

Retirement income

Greater importance is being placed on the decisions pension scheme members are making at retirement. In most cases, members will buy an annuity with the money built up in their pension pot, possibly after taking a tax-free lump sum. Choosing the wrong annuity can be very costly, as it is a one off decision and cannot be reversed.

We can provide advice or guidance to members as they reach retirement on the options most suitable for them, including:

  • the benefit of shopping around for the right deal
  • whether an annuity would be right for them
  • the impact on the individual and their dependants of including (or not including) a dependant’s pension, increases to the annuity in payment, a guarantee period and so on
  • the benefit of disclosing all medical information to find out whether an enhanced annuity could be payable

Once we have gone through the above steps, we can ensure they get the deal that is right for them and help them to implement their annuity.

We can provide this service either for a fixed fee payable by you as the employer, or we can act as an adviser available for your employees to choose if they do not already have their own adviser in place.