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Auto enrolment

Auto enrolment is the government’s answer for increasing private pension provision in the UK. It’s a legislative requirement, with employers failing to meet their duties liable to fines by the Pensions Regulator.

The challenge

Each employer will have a ‘staging date’ which is the date from which its auto enrolment duties will first apply. The Pensions Regulator will notify you of your staging date in writing, but you can also find it out using the staging date tool.

Broadly speaking, you will need to enrol your workers into a compliant workplace pension scheme if they meet the following criteria on your staging date:

  • they are aged between 22 and state pension age
  • they earn above £10,000 (2018/19)
  • they work or ordinarily work in the UK

You will then be responsible for monitoring the workforce on an ongoing basis to make sure that new or existing workers are treated correctly based on the auto enrolment criteria. You will need to fulfil a number of tasks to enable you to meet the requirements, with enrolment into the pension arrangement being just the first. These include:

  • providing workers with certain information, within prescribed timescales
  • processing opt out and opt in requests from workers
  • calculating, deducting and paying employer and worker contributions with each payroll run

You will also need to ensure the chosen workplace pension scheme meets certain minimum requirements, such as having a default investment strategy in place.

Finally, you will have ongoing record keeping and reporting requirements which all form part of your ongoing employer duties relating to auto enrolment.

Our solution

We know that every employer is different. However, any business that employs staff, no matter how few, will need to comply with the same auto enrolment rules.

That’s why we have designed two different solutions to meet the varied needs of employers, but each ensures a compliant outcome.

And whilst your auto enrolment duties start at your staging date, you will need to monitor, assess, communicate and contribute for your workers into the future. Both our services include ongoing support and advice to ensure you remain compliant with the auto enrolment rules.


Designed to help you comply with the rules without the time and expense of taking in depth advice.

If you want to simply comply with the rules, without detailed advice on the wide range of options available, our AEssentials service is ideal, providing a basic implementation service including:

  • set up a compliant auto enrolment scheme
  • worker assessment software
  • provide compliant worker communications
  • registration with the Regulator
  • ongoing support


Designed to provide an auto enrolment solution which is fully designed with your business’s objectives in mind.

If you would value bespoke advice, perhaps with an existing pension scheme to review, or a diverse workforce such as a high number of seasonal or agency workers, AE+ can provide support in a range of areas, including contribution design, project management, existing scheme review, pension provider selection, communication assistance, staff presentations and more.

AE+ is a three stage process designed for those employers who want more in depth advice on the options open to them. It is designed to work with employers to create competitive, affordable contribution structures, considering cost efficiency via salary sacrifice arrangements where appropriate, and to provide employers with the information they need to decide on the most appropriate way forward taking into account their own needs and objectives.

AE+ is fully flexible, working on a menu of services basis, to ensure the advice you receive is tailored to your specific needs and requirements, and that you only pay for the services you require.

Our three stage AE+ advice process is summarised below:

Stage 1

  • Analyse workforce
  • Review existing scheme design (if applicable)
  • Design compliant contribution structure
  • Review payroll and HR processes
  • Recommend pension provider
  • Analysis of savings to be made through salary sacrifice
  • Recommend middleware solution (worker assessment, communications and record keeping)
  • Default investment strategy

Stage 2

  • Project plan for implementation and communication strategy
  • Implement new scheme or changes to existing scheme
  • Draft worker communications
  • Ensure compliant processes
  • Initial worker assessment and enrolment
  • Pensions Regulator registration
  • Certification
  • Worker presentations and 121 guidance

Stage 3

  • Worker data assessment for membership and contributions
  • Employer support for ad hoc auto enrolment queries
  • Updates on auto enrolment issues impacting processes or the pension scheme
  • Updates on provider and investment strategy
  • Annual compliance health check
  • Re-certification

Our experience

We are experienced employee benefit professionals, specialising in providing auto enrolment advice. Since the legislation came into effect in 2012, we have worked on auto enrolment projects with employers ranging in size from 10 employees to several thousand employees. We are able to use our experience of working with some of the UK’s largest employers and apply this expertise to smaller and micro employers in an efficient and cost-effective way.

So, whether you are looking for in-depth advice on the best way to meet the auto enrolment rules, have an existing pension arrangement you want to review or replace, or you simply want to comply with the new rules in the most straightforward and cost effective way, we can help you to put in place the most appropriate auto enrolment solution for your business.

Please get in touch for more details on our services and pricing, or for a discussion about how we can work with you.

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